Carpet Cleaning Tips

Small whisk broom will help you clean the carpet edges around the outside of each room and in corners.

If you spill either red or white wine on carpet, believe it or not, use salt! Pour salt over the spill. Allow the wine to soak into the salt and then vacuum up the salt. If the stain remains, mix 1/2 tsp of dishwashing soap with 8 oz of warm water.

Apply a small amount, then blot and repeat until the stain is completely removed. Cover the stain with a towel and press down repeatedly to absorb the stain and the soap. Once the stain is completely removed, rinse the area with cold water.

Blot with a dry terrycloth towel and repeat if necessary until all the moisture and residue is removed. If the spot or stain turns to a brown color when dry, mix 1 part white vinegar and two parts water. Apply a small amount and blot. Repeat only once.